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We all know, music often becomes an important part of user-generated content (UGC), e.g. YouTube/TikTok videos. What might be less known is that, all forms of your music in UGC — whether as background music, in speed-up versions, or in pitch-shifted versions — are entitled to generate royalties for you.

Yet, the sad truth is that — artists often miss out on the earnings generated by these viral creations.

We’ve seen how artists’ work fuels these online trends, and it’s fair for artists to receive rightful share.

Copyright Claim of Digital Assets

Guardian of Your Digital Assets

We collaborate with YouTube, Meta, and TikTok. We utilize their technologies — Content ID, Rights Manager, and MediaMatch, respectively. By leveraging these content management systems, your assets could be identified, and monetized on their platforms.

You must see them every day — copyright claim under YouTube video, music used in Instagram photo carousel, TikTok sound in TikTok videos. They are exactly what we are helping artists and labels manage.

Your creations are valuable, and we are committed to treating them with the respect they deserve.

Specialized Rights Management Team

It only holds meaning if your digital assets are protected in a timely manner. We know that the delay in copyright claim means a loss. Mostly, a lot of loss. That’s why we set up a specialized team of copyright management.

We monitor closely, closer, to the closest.

The protection of your rights is the top priority for Euphoria. Guarantee your music remains yours, no matter where it is in the digital world.

Team Expertise of Rights Management

To keep it short: YouTube scans all videos uploaded to their platform, then identifies any music used in the videos.

If you’ve distributed your music to YouTube Content ID, and it’s detected in a video, a copyright claim will be made for that video. Royalties are then calculated based on the video’s views, and paid out to you.

If your music hasn’t been distributed through YouTube Content ID, YouTube won’t be able to recognize it. So no copyright claim can be made, and no royalty earnings will be generated for you. Apply now if this is the case!

If you have distributed your song and copyright-claimed the videos, you can earn royalties for sure!

The basis for calculating royalties varies by platform. For example, TikTok and Meta calculate royalties based on how many times your music were used, while YouTube calculates based on video views.

For our clients, please reach out to us immediately if you encounter this issue.

We will address this by requesting the distributor to permanently remove the song, or directly requesting platforms to remove it.

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