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Data Analytics

Crunch all the numbers for you.

Track Your Music Performance

Streaming data is more than numbers; it shows your audience’s preferences. We go a step further by analyzing the data based on geographical locations, streaming platforms, periods, and etc.

Understanding where and when your music resonates the most. You can then make informed decisions about your music marketing strategies. We empower you to tailor your approach, ensuring your music reaches the right ears at the right time.

Music Data Track

Royalties, Right on Point, Right on Time

Our system consolidates royalties data from all streaming platforms you have distributed to. Then, we provide you with a clear, concise overview of royalties earnings.

We guarantee monthly reports for recording royalties, and quarterly reports for publishing royalties. This swift reporting schedule keeps you’re always up-to-date with your earnings.

With us, your hard-earned royalties will be calculated accurately and disbursed promptly. You will receive the royalties on time, every time.

Your music isn’t just heard; it’s valued, analyzed, and compensated with the precision it deserves.

Split Royalties with Other Partcipants

Whether it’s between artists, or among multiple composers for a single song, these collaborations enrich the music industry nowadays.

Recognizing this, Euphoria offers a solution for splitting royalties among all contributors. You could then easily divide the royalties with any other participants involved in your music project.

You have the flexibility to set and adjust the percentage paid out to each person. It ensures fairness and transparency in every collaboration, and makes the entire process hassle-free for you.

Royalties Split between parties

Yes, you will receive reports on your royalties! 

  • For recording royalties: reports are issued monthly.
  • For publishing royalties: reports are issued quarterly.


Definitely yes!

Our system offers a detailed breakdown of your royalties. You can see earnings not only by platform but also by individual tracks, countries/territories, and sources.

Yes, you can! 

The consolidated royalties report is available in PDF format, while the very detailed streaming data can be downloaded in CSV format. 

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Explore data with insights, receive fair and timely royalty payments. Together, we’ll boost your music’s value and impact.

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