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At Euphoria, we’re passionate about supporting artists and labels on their musical journeys. That’s why we offer our distribution services completely free of charge.

We understand that creating music often comes with significant expenses. With Euphoria, you can rest assured that there are no distribution charges to worry about.

Unlimited Track Release without cost
Easy upload with user-friendly dashboard

Effortless Uploads with an Intuitive Dashboard

We emphasize in simplifying the music distribution process. Our user-friendly dashboard makes uploading and managing your songs a breeze.

No technical hurdles or complicated processes here — just an intuitive platform designed to help artists and labels distribute their music with ease.

Schedule Release

With Euphoria, you can effortlessly schedule the release of your upcoming albums. Your music could reach your audience precisely when you want it to.

“Speed! Speed!! SPEED!!!”

We’ve got you covered. Release your song to the world, just within 1 day after uploading.

Take your time, no matter if you’re an early bird or a procrastinator.

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Worldwide Music Distribution

With our music distribution services, your tracks will effortlessly reach a global audience.

We’ve established direct partnerships with worldwide streaming platforms. Ensuring your music finds its way to listeners on all major digital platforms.

Related FAQ

Nope, our distribution services are completely free!

Plus, it doesn’t matter how many songs you distribute — it’s all free, always.

It depends. Our revenue split depends on things like your catalog size, your estimated monthly revenue/streams, and how long you’ve been with us.

We ensure that the revenue sharing is fair for both parties. More importantly, it matches the services we provide to you.

Apply now, and we’ll discuss the details specific to your situation.

You will receive royalties at the beginning of each month.

Note: Royalty settlement periods vary by platform.

For example, if it is now the beginning of May, you will receive:

  • February’s royalties for most of the platforms, e.g. Apple Music, TikTok, and Facebook
  • March’s royalties for YouTube and YouTube Music


Typically, just within 1 day after your uploads!

However, during holidays (especially in December) or under special circumstances, it might take a bit longer. To avoid delays, we recommend uploading earlier.

Yes, through Euphoria, you can schedule your release date for all platforms!

For most platforms, you’re able to set not just the date but also the specific time, like 20:00 on January 20th. However, for Apple Music, you can only schedule the release date, not the exact time.

For our clients wanting to schedule a specific time on Apple Music, please contact our team. We will arrange the scheduling manually for you.

Yes, you can distribute cover songs as long as you obtain the necessary licenses, such as through Easy Song Licensing, or secure written permission from the rights owners.

In some cases, we will require proof of your license before distribution.

Yes, through Euphoria, you can distribute your music videos to Vevo.

When you distribute to Vevo, the music videos can directly appear on the artist’s YouTube channel.

However, we first need to create a Vevo channel for you and then merge it with your YouTube channel. For our clients, please reach out for more details if you need help with this process.

Yes, you can!

You can choose any part of your music to set as the start point for your TikTok Sound clips.

Yes, but it’s designed to keep flexibility!

The contract protects both parties by clearly outlining the payment terms, and duties and obligations.

However, this doesn’t mean you’re locked in for all future projects. You’ll always have the flexibility to choose a different distributor for your next song if you wish.


Once you’ve fulfilled any contractual obligations with other distributors, you can transfer your songs to Euphoria.

If you have a large catalog, don’t worry about the hassle—our batch importing option lets you transfer all your assets at once. You don’t need to upload each one individually.

Apply now, and we’ll guide you through the entire transfer process.

Music distribution involves managing the rights associated with the sound recordings of songs. It focuses on getting music into music stores, or streaming platforms.

On the other hand, music publishing deals with the publishing rights of the musical compositions themselves, not the recordings. It involves rights like Mechanical Rights, Performance Rights, Synchronization Rights. Learn more about publishing music.

Music Distribution Platforms

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