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Maximise royalties from your melody.

Claim Your Publishing Royalties, too

When you partner with Euphoria, you’re not just tapping into recording royalties; you’re opening the door to publishing royalties too.

Every play on a streaming platform, every use in user-generated content (UGC), and numerous other sources contribute to this additional revenue stream.

It’s a goldmine waiting to be explored, and you might have been missing out until now. Don’t let potential earnings slip through the cracks.

Recording Royalty vs Publishing Royalty
Publishing Rights

Global Execution of Your Publishing Rights

At Euphoria, we are dedicated to simplifying the complexities of the music industry for our valued clients.

When it comes to publishing rights — Mechanical Rights, Performance Rights, or Synchronization Rights — we handle the intricacies on a global scale.

Rights owners could ensure that their music’s publishing rights are seamlessly executed worldwide, while keeping 100% of their rights.

You no longer need to search for Copyright Collection Societies; no more effort for this.

Back-Claim Your Publishing Royalties

We do more than just secure your future publishing royalties; we strive to identify and pursue any unclaimed publishing royalties you may have missed out on.

If you’ve never claimed your publishing royalties before, our team is ready to support you in exploring opportunities to recover what might have been overlooked.

Let’s unlock the full earning potential of your music.

Back-claim of Royalties

No, they are not the same!

Recording royalties and publishing royalties come from separate revenue pools.

The royalties you receive from streaming platforms are recording royalties, if you haven’t registered publishing rights yet.

To receive publishing royalties, you must register your works for publishing rights. Apply now.

Only original compositions are eligible for registering music publishing rights.

Cover songs, remixes, and remakes are not eligible for registration.

Only the rights holders of a song are eligible to register for its publishing rights.

Typically, these rights holders include record labels, music publishers, and songwriters (composers and lyricists).

No, we won’t register your works without your request and/or permission.

First, our team will assess the suitability, then develop a plan for registering publishing rights for you. For the registration process, you will need to provide details such as the names of the compositions, composers, publishers, and ISRC(s).

For our existing clients, we extend invitations to those we find suitable for publishing rights registration. If you’re interested and haven’t received an invitation, please reach out to our team directly.

Not a client yet but interested in registering your publishing rights? Apply now.

When you register publishing rights for a song, any royalties that were held by Performance Rights Organizations (PROs) or digital platforms for unregistered works may be released to you.

Typically, these royalties are held for 1-2 year(s), depending on the PROs or platform.

Please note, however, that successfully claiming back royalties is not guaranteed. Our team is committed to assisting you in this process and will work diligently to recover what you are owed.

Not a client yet but interested in pursuing back royalties? Apply now.

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