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Independent artists, record labels, songwriters, music publishers, music aggregators, and YouTube content creators — all are proud clients of Euphoria! 

Yes, it’s totally free! We know everyone’s already got enough expenses in this industry — we won’t be another burden.

It depends. Our revenue split depends on things like your catalog size, your estimated monthly revenue/streams, and how long you’ve been with us.

We ensure that the revenue sharing is fair for both parties. More importantly, it matches the services we provide to you.

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By a team specializing in rights management. They tackle copyright-related issues such as:

  • ‘someone has re-uploaded my music in YouTube, but hasn’t been claimed yet’
  • ‘someone steals my music and distributes it without my permission’
  • ‘I wanna allow some channels to use my music in their YouTube video, can you whitelist it?’


Also, we have access to copyright tools provided by digital platforms. We know the use of music in someone’s video might be your major concern. As Euphoria has direct collaboration with platforms like TikTok, YouTube and Meta, our team can quickly manage and protect your rights — very quickly.

Learn more about how we manage rights.

Music distribution involves managing the rights associated with the sound recordings of songs. It focuses on getting music into music stores, or streaming platforms. Learn more about distributing music.

On the other hand, music publishing deals with the publishing rights of the musical compositions themselves, not the recordings. It involves rights like Mechanical Rights, Performance Rights, Synchronization Rights. Learn more about publishing music.

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